Friday, May 28, 2010

From WV to WY to WA via NM, NV, NZ, & CA

The twists and turns of life are always fascinating to me. I have been carrying around a North Cascades National Park map with me for the last several years. It you look at the photograph on the front of it you would know why I have been using it as wall art. It has always been a place I have wanted to explore. A couple of weeks ago Clay and I left the Tetons for some new adventures and new jobs in North Cascades National Park.

It was a bit of an abrupt exit from the Tetons for me. I had barely gotten back from South Africa when we had to leave again. The jet lag waking me up at 3:30 am did help me to get jump started on the packing though. But I have learned that leaving the Tetons is best done in a similar fashion as to ripping off a Band-Aid. The faster you do it the less painful it is. But it is going to hurt no matter what. It was not an easy decision that brought us to North Cascades. It was only after much deliberation, drama, and discussion that we accepted the positions here. And by "we" I mean Clay. I was actually hanging out in the Southern Hemisphere with 12 kids, 8 cats, 3 dogs, 1 tortoise, no water, and no electricity, while all the negotiations were going down. But that is a whole other blog entry. But staying true to some vows he made several years ago, Clay did call so we could discuss where we would be for the summer. I am sure there was something in our wedding vows about not making life altering decisions solo, or it was at least alluded to.

Might want to check into that Mo.

Although this place is quite a bit different than what we are used to -there are more than two types of deciduous trees- we are always excited for a new adventure. If any of you would like to share in these adventures our open door/open floor policy is always in effect. And I don't know how they did it, but I am fairly confident that they brought our Park Service couch up from the Tetons! Nothing says home like some unmistakable, distressed looking Park Service furniture.

If you are not familiar with where North Cascades is just get out your British Columbia map, because we are closer to BC than anything else really. Including a cell phone tower apparently. Suck! To find us most of you all will just need to start heading west. And at some point hang a ralphie, or right aka head North. Look for the mountains covered in glaciers. If you get to the Puget Sound or Canada you have just missed us. Hope to see you soon!

North Cascades National Park
***They also have this crazy green stuff hanging off the trees here. It seems familiar to me, but I have never seen it before in this vast amount. They tell me it's called lichen, and has to do with copious amounts of moisture in the air. I'm still researching it, I will get some pics posted soon of this phenomenon.


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Ranger Bob said...

Holy Cow, we're almost neighbors! I met one of the NOCA (right?) climbing ranger/geologists in May in Denali. Nice guy, Rob Morrow. Had to check my notes. I've got apps out for perm jobs around the west. Even applied for West District Supervisor in DENA. Very slim chance but if I end up in it you guys better come up to work. You're a third of the way, maybe. Maybe a fourth. Miss you both!